From cavemen to monkeys: Why storytelling works

“When we are just reviewing cold, hard facts, the language part of our brains light up to help us interpret the information.

When we sit and listen to a story, however, our brain makes very little distinction between what we experience personally and what we hear about others’ experiences. The brain remembers these supposed ‘experiences’ therefore, much easier than just lists of facts.

Not only are these stories easier for you to remember, but your brain also craves them. We reportedly spend an estimated one third of our lives daydreaming, with brains that are perpetually looking for the next distraction (that is definitely what I am going to tell my boss next time I am caught spacing out…).

When we tell stories with our brands, we answer this basic need of consumers and help them satisfy their brain’s craving for exciting and interesting tales. Since the story helps to address this consumer need, audiences become more engaged.”

Full Article by  Mark Hayes


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