Does it ever feel like people are all self-absorbed jerks? Like they’re not listening? Only in it for themselves? You’re not crazy. Empathy is declining.

It’s easy to believe that people are just selfish. That it’s human nature. There’s no denying we do think a lot about our own needs, and classical economics might lead you to believe that’s all there is.

But new research says there’s more to us than that.

We all need empathy. Even selfish people do. Here’s how the power of empathy can improve your life, and how you can develop more of it.

What Empathy Is…
“…empathy is the art of stepping imaginatively into the shoes of another person, understanding their feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide your actions. So empathy is distinct from expressions of sympathy — such as pity or feeling sorry for somebody — because these do not involve trying to understand the other person’s emotions or point of view.”

Here’s how to be more empathetic:
1. Listen.
2. Try meditation.
3. Expose yourself to different ways of living. Hang out with different people.

Empathy doesn’t just have the power to change our lives, it can also change the world:


(Artigo de Eric Barker completo aqui: http://www.bakadesuyo.com/2015/09/power-of-empathy/ )



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