Good Bosses are fair

“Good Bosses are aware that sharing information in a thorough, timely manner makes people feel included, respected, and acknowledged for their ability to contribute. They make open communication a priority. They keep everybody informed all the time. And they are receptive to feedback.


The equitable treatment of all team members is nearly as important in the workplace as communication. I say nearly as important because, if people are going to be treated inequitably, it’s better to be told up front about it than to pretend it’s not happening. The real sting from preferential treatment of some at the expense of others comes from the charade that everyone is being treated equally. People don’t mind being Cinderella before her run of luck as much as they hate being promised the whole prince and pumpkin thing with no follow- through.

Fairness in the office simply means applying the rules fairly, equally, and without regard for workplace political alliances. Even if the rules are stuffy and cumbersome, applying them fairly across the board builds good relationships. Holding some people’s feet to the fire while giving others a pass produces hostility, resentment, and payback if it goes far enough.

Communicating openly and honestly with people and treating them fairly is no more than treating them the way you like to be treated. It sounds overly simple, but it works. It’s not hard and it doesn’t cost anything. It also works on everybody, regardless of where you are on the food chain. Good Bosses treat those with more power the same way they treat those with less power. People are people. ”


in “How to work for an idiot. Survive & Thrive… without killing your boss” by
John Hoover



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