People are spending $millions on digital cats and here’s why it makes sense

“I’ll admit it, collecting digital cats is silly, but that’s beside the point. Let’s stop for a moment and imagine that, instead of selling cats, this website sold:

– World of Warcraft items,
– Houses, buildings, land titles,
– Corporate stocks such as Apple, Amazon or Facebook.

Do you see the potential? What makes Crypto Kitties exciting isn’t the cats themselves, its the possibilities that it demonstrates. This is a proof of concept for something much bigger. With the Ethereum protocol, we can now create, tokenize, and freely trade any type of assets on the blockchain. This isn’t about cats; it’s about the future of this new, revolutionary technology.

A Few Predictions
A lot of people — including me — believe the blockchain is the most important invention since the Internet.

The blockchain changes everything we thought we knew about computers. By removing one of the computer’s biggest feature — the ability to duplicate information — it opens up computing to a multitude of new, real-world use-cases that would have never been possible before.

Granted, breeding digital cats is silly, and it will likely be a temporary fad. However, this marks the beginning of a digital revolution. The blockchain bridges the digital and the physical worlds in a massive way. Now, digital assets can have real-world properties such as scarcity, and physical assets can be traded just as easily as sending an email. This is the best of both worlds.”


Full article from Tony Aubé here…



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