Brian Eno advice to students: Don’t get a job

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it” …Upton Sinclair

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Five Signs Your Job Is Holding You Back

Your Wisdom Isn’t Welcome

If no one wants to hear what you have to say, then your good ideas are going to waste. They can’t pay you enough to squash your creativity! You owe it to yourself to look around for another job that will make the most of your talents, instead of wasting them.

There Are No Hills To Climb

If you don’t see a meaty challenge ahead of you at work and every time you try to take on something bigger you get thwarted, how could your job still deserve you? It’s hard enough to go to work every day without having to also push a rock uphill when you get there. If you don’t feel challenged at work, how can you justify the hours, brain cells and heart cells you devote to your job?

There’s No Way to Move Up

Sometimes you can tell that there’s no way to move up at a job. Sometimes they tell you outright, like our friend Nelson’s boss told him. “Look, Nelson,” said Nelson’s manager, “you’re a great employee, but I have nothing to offer you here over the long term.

After a couple of years I won’t even be able to give you pay raises anymore. The company doesn’t think that a five- or seven-year employee in this department is worth a dime more than a two-year employee. That’s just the way it is.”

There’s No One to Learn From

It’s an awful feeling when you look around your workplace and see no one you can learn from — no one with the intellectual curiosity or altitude to teach you a thing. It’s depressing, but freeing at the same time, because you realize “Well, my learning here is done — on to the next adventure!”

Your Flame is Dying

If you hate getting out of bed on a weekday morning to go to work, your body is speaking to you. Your body will tell you in louder and more emphatic ways the longer you resist receiving its messages. You could end up in the hospital if you pretend that everything is fine at your job when your body knows for sure that it isn’t fine at all.“


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Always do more than think about it


“I graduated college early because I was eager to get into the real world, but the job search is tougher than I imagined. I think people are afraid to hire me because I’m young. I’ve probably applied to over two hundred jobs. I’ve found that for every ten applications, I get one call back. And for every five call backs, I get one in-person interview. I’ve had seven of those so far.”
“Do you wish you hadn’t graduated early?”
“I try not to think about it. I could apply to ten more jobs in the time I spent thinking about that.”


Little less maybe


“I’m trying to get back into the workforce.”


Just another day at the office?